“Gramin Pustakalay” an initiative by MANLIBNET

Rural Library, the “Gramin Pustakalay” is a new initiative by MANLIBNET. The primary goal of this project is to provide Reading resources and Space to the village communities. However, the objectives of Rural Library project include the following:

  • Access to Information: One of the primary objectives of a rural library is to provide access to information and knowledge resources for individuals who may not have easy access to books, computers, or the internet. It seeks to reconcile the digital divide and ensure rural residents have equal access to education, learning, and personal development.
  • Promoting Literacy and Education: Rural libraries place an emphasis on promoting literacy and education in the community. They could provide reading programmes, workshops, and educational materials to help students improve their reading abilities, language competency, and academic performance.
  • Community Engagement: Rural libraries frequently serve as community centres, providing a space for people to congregate, communicate, and interact. 
  • Life Long Learning: Rural libraries strive to support lifelong learning by offering resources and programs for people of all ages. By facilitating opportunities for lifelong learning, rural libraries enable individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge throughout their lifetimes.
  • Preserving Local History and Culture: Rural libraries play a crucial role in preserving the community’s history and culture. They may collect and maintain regionally-related archives, documents, photographs, and oral histories. By preserving and distributing these resources, rural libraries contribute to the community’s cultural identity and sense of pride.
  • Digital Inclusion: As technology becomes increasingly prevalent, rural libraries aim to bridge the digital divide by providing access to Computers, the internet and digital resources.
  • Support for Small Business and Entrepreneurs: Rural libraries often serve as resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs within the community. By offering support and resources, rural libraries contribute to the economic development and sustainability of the local area.

The above objectives highlight the multifaceted roles that rural libraries play in supporting education, community development, and access to information in the rural areas.