MANLIBNET REVIEW is the official newsletter of MANAGEMENT LIBRARIES NETWORK (MANLIBNET). The Newsletter was started in year 2001 for promoting the basic objectives of the Network and to keep the library professionals updated of the new developments in the field of Management & Business librariaship, achievements of other professionals, and information on forthcoming events etc. Running into its ninth year of publishing, the Newsletter has entirely been reshaped focusing more on knowledge-base for library professionals which contains not only the news items but also the articles on contemporary management issues, book reviews, IT tools and techniques in libraries and so on.

Dr. Tariq Ashraf, Librarian, South Campus, University of Delhi, Delhi and Ms. Anjali Bandiwadekar, Dy. Librarian, IIT Indore are the editors of the Newsletter.

We would like to know everything about you and your organization, you would want to share with others through the Newsletter. Please send all such information to the General Secretary at

MANLIBNET Review Jan-June 2010
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